It’s Not About Four Years, It’s About Five Centuries

Amazon workers on strike in Shakopee this past summer, Photo by Kerem Yucel. By Duncan Riley 12/22/2019   In response to the Trump administration’s most recent reactionary measure targeting immigrants, an executive order giving counties and states the right to block refugee resettlement, Governor Walz asserted in his recent letter to Secretary of State Pompeo … Continue reading It’s Not About Four Years, It’s About Five Centuries

Institutional Repression

Photo from the Department of Homeland Security By Duncan Riley 1/4/2019 Yesterday, January 3rd, the much-anticipated 116th congress, product of the “blue wave” took office. It began this first day by passing measures to end the government shutdown, and initiating rule changes to facilitate a future austerity program. While Democrats retook the house by promising … Continue reading Institutional Repression