The Bourgeois Homeland and the Universal Homeland

Emblem of the Mexican Liberal Party By Ricardo Flores Magón Translated by Duncan Riley Originally given as a speech on the 19th of September, 1915, it was published in Regeneración    Comrades, Humanity finds itself in one of the most solemn moments of its history. In the Universe, nothing is stable: everything changes, and we find … Continue reading The Bourgeois Homeland and the Universal Homeland

Initial Manifesto of the Federation

Translated by Duncan Riley and RGA We at Adelante are happy to present what seems to be the first published English translation of the "Manifiesto Inicial de la Federación," a speech that signaled the beginning of the Venezuelan Federal War (1859-63).   Initial Manifesto of the Federation Proclamation of Colonel Tirso Salaverría, 21st of February … Continue reading Initial Manifesto of the Federation